Tips from a Brick Paving Service Provider

Cleaning brick paving ensure your patio or walkway looks nice. The dirt and debris do eventually accumulate on your pavers given time, which creates a layer that makes the paving look dull and dirty. Cleaning these on a regular basis stops this accumulation; however, cleaning techniques will be needed to restore your brick pavers. This process could also reveal some of your pavers are split or damaged, which means they will need to be replaced. Some of the best tips for cleaning include using tools like a scrubbing brush and a strong broom. A power washer will remove any stubborn dirt, and lastly, a sealant should be applied in order to protect the pavers against future damage. Brick paving service provider advises:

The supplies needed for cleaning brick paving will vary depending on how dirty they actually are. A broom is a simple tool for cleaning. A hose or bucket filled with water and a mild detergent will be a good as well. The scrubbing brush will provide power for any stubborn stains.

Sweeping your pavers regularly will prevent dirt, leaves and other debris from gathering on the paved area. Removing these will stop if from compacting and sticking when it rains. A stiff and sturdy brush works better for clearing away dirt. Start close to your house, and brush away towards the edge.

A garden hose will help to remove any stubborn dirt. The water washes away any dirt or debris, which could be stuck to your pavers. Hold the spray at an angle, this will help push the dirt away from the paved area in addition to keeping the water away from your house. It also helps to get under the debris to remove it easier. A power washer can also be used; however, it must be kept at a low pressure setting, as this will prevent damage being done to the pavers or the sand from being washed away from between them.

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