Asphalt Paving Defects Explained by a Professional Paving Service Provider

Snow, sun, rain, and wind can seriously damage your asphalt pavement. It is a well-known fact that this building material cannot sustain extreme heat and when it is too hot, it gets soft and prone to defects. This article will provide you with useful information about the most common asphalt paving issues explained by a professional paving service provider:

  • ”Alligator” cracking. As the name suggests, this sort of problems mimics the skin of this animal. It characterizes with numerous small cracks located on a relatively small area. This structural failure is caused by an insufficient thickness of the topcoat. When the top layer is too thin, it has poor drainage, or poor base, the surface damages quickly, especially if too heavy vehicles ride over it. Resurfacing must be performed as an effective solution or a full patch.

  • Block cracking. Unlike the first defect, this type of trouble consists of large cracks located on a bigger area. It is shrinkage of an asphalt surface due to the inability of the binder material to expand under the influence of the temperature fluctuations. The obvious solution here is an entirely new asphalt laying project.

  • Longitudinal cracking. It usually looks like long cracks located in the middle of a road or highway. This failure occurs as a result of poor workmanship as a whole. When an inexperienced company performs poor joint construction, this kind of trouble appears. Also, it could be pavement fatigue. The possible good solution is applying top-quality sealcoat to strengthen its weather resistance.

  • Transverse cracking. This is another unpleasant issue that is an obvious sign of reflective cracks from an underlying coat and poor work quality in general. It can be corrected by sealing them or applying a brand new topcoat.

  • Edge cracking. Typically, they appear at the inside edge of an asphalt pavement. The most common reasons are poor drainage system and insufficient support at the edges. This problem can be eliminated by fixing the drainage system, as well as removing any vegetation or debris along the edges.

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